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5 Best Cheap Car Seats for Newborns

    cheap car seat for newborn

    In the United States, all car seats must fulfill government safety regulations. Parents should educate themselves on current child restraint legislation in their state. They have to do this before buying a car seat by visiting the insurance institute for highway safety. Here we are going to discuss in detail cheap car seats for newborns

    Experts advise that you begin with an infant seat. Preemies and children with physical impairments have their own models.

    Infant seats cost $30-$180, travel systems $40-$400, and convertibles $50-$290, according to Consumer Reports.

    Top 5 cheap car seats for newborns

    For over a decade, we’ve been evaluating cheap car seats in search of the ideal blend of safety, comfort, functionality, adaptability, and pricing. While the majority of the car seats included below provide outstanding qualities at a reasonable price.

    You’re having a hard time justifying paying $200-$300 on one of the best baby car seats. We have good news for you, you can buy a cheap car seat for under $110. There is no compromise on safety features and quality. So here we are going to discuss the top 5 cheap car seats for newborns. This article is based on our depth research.

    1. THE SNUGRIDE SNUGLOCK 3(Cheap car seats for newborns)

    The snugride 30 and 35, respectively, are variations of the SnugRide line with a 30-ponds or 35-pound weight limit. There are basically two possibilities for under $110. First, is the snugride 30 with a snug lock base, which is available in a variety of colors for around $110. Second, for the same price, you can have the snug Ride 35 without the snug base. The snug lock base sets this car seat apart, giving an integrated belt lock-off, a game-changer for a secure installation. Whichever you select, both offer some fantastic features. The snugride Snuglock 30 can accommodate newborns weighing as low as 4 pounds (when using the included baby insert) up to 30 pounds and 30 inches tall, whichever comes first.

    cheap car seats for newborns
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    Snug lock system

    The snug lock system incorporates a sophisticated lever-based lock-off system into the base, making installation quick and secure. You just tighten the slack using the vehicle’s seat belt or the supplied LATCH system. Then close the snug lock lever. Then try to listen for the “click” to make sure correctly fastened. The snug lock ensures that the base is always firmly attached to the car.

    A few of the things particularly impressed us. First and foremost, we appreciated how light this car seat was when removed from the base, weighing in at only 7 pounds.

    Second, we loved how soft and breathable the textiles were, as well as the size of the canopy. Finally, the placement of the shoulder strap adjustment belt, which is slightly behind the lower bucket, is fantastic. With its greater value for the buck, it’s no surprise that the snugride is the all-time most popular and best-selling series of baby car seats.


    The lite max 35 baby car seat, like its predecessor, is a fantastic alternative with a lot of useful features at a cheap price. First and foremost, the lite max seat is approved for newborns weighing 4 pounds up to 35 pounds and measuring 17-32 inches in length! For a car seat for $100, that’s an incredible weight and length range! Second, after being removed from the base, it weighs just about 8 pounds. It was really straightforward to get it into and out of the base.

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    Car’s safety features

    This car’s safety features are also something we enjoy. It was designed to resist two times the federal crash test standard energy (impact) levels, as well as meet or exceed all federal side-impact regulations. Because the base has four reclining options, your infant will be more comfortable during extended vehicle journeys. It also has belt pockets, which keep the seat belt buckles from getting too hot in the sun while the seat is empty. While we appreciated the concept, we found that the buckles were either not fully inserted into the pocket or just fell out.


    Let’s have a look at a few more disadvantages. For starters, the canopy isn’t as effective in protecting your kid from the outdoors. Second, while the fabric is easy to clean and machine washable, it is not particularly breathable, which we disliked.


    For around $100, this is a fantastic car seat with lots of safety and convenience features, as well as adaptability and comfort. This car seat, which matches the Evenflo, fits infants as little as 4 pounds with the included baby insert and toddlers as hefty as 35 pounds (as tall as 32″) with the included toddler insert. It comes with a base that can be fitted using the LATCH system or the vehicle’s seat belts, or it may be mounted using the European belt route without the base. With rethreading from the rear, the harness height can be adjusted to four different settings, and the crotch buckle can be adjusted to three different positions. On the subject of modifications, the base has a two-position adjustable reclining foot, and the harness length is easily adjusted.

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    The car seat was simple to install. It had a side level to assist adjust the recline for different ages (4-11 pounds versus 11-35 pounds) and automobiles, and the conventional hook-type LATCH connector was simple to use. Even after applying a lot of tightening pressure, the small front reclining foot made the seat a touch tipper than we’d prefer when it was placed. For this price range, the seat was surprisingly comfy and soft. We appreciated the baby insert and soft side impact padding. The canopy was adequate but smaller than some other options, and the handlebar was easy to adjust and comfy. The car seat is compatible with Quick Click strollers, weighs less than 7 pounds without the base, and is FAA certified for air travel.

    We did not machine wash or dry the seat cover because the handbook advised against it, but it was typically easy to wipe off. Another oddity worth noting is that the lower buckle is rather large and scrapes painfully on thicker baby thighs. Overall, we think this is a great alternative for around $100, with only a few downsides like achieving a secure fit and a possibly painful crotch buckle.


    This baby trend seat offers a lot of advantages. To begin with, we adore the carry handle, which allows you to carry the seat in a variety of ways. Instead of being forced to carry it with your arms parallel to your body, you can hold it at a variety of angles, which is ideal for when your baby becomes a little heavier and your arms start to hurt from dragging her about! Second, this seat includes a 5-point adjustable harness that only requires a little rethreading from behind. So, what precisely does this imply?

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    Two harness height holes

    This car seat is extremely uncommon since it only has two harness height holes that must be rethreaded manually. However, a knob on the rear of the car seat may be used to adjust up and down within a height setting. It’s the first hybrid harness height adjustment we’ve tried, and it’s a neat idea. The harness will only need to be rethreaded once over the life of the car seat, which is a great touch.

    To shift between the 4 or 5 harness height levels, other seats will require 3-4 rethreading. This is a fantastic feature for a car seat for around $100. Third, the fabric is pleasant to the touch, simple to clean, and surprisingly breathable. We discovered that it fits into and out of the base without difficulty. Finally, to loosen or tighten the shoulder straps, it features an up-front shoulder strap adjuster that is easily positioned for adjustment. Even while linked to the base and up against the rear seat of the car.

    Minor issues

    However, there were a few minor issues that irritated us during our tests. When we attempted to belt in the infant, we discovered the shoulder straps to be a little fragile, causing them to twist around and upset us. The installation was simple enough. However, there were no belt lock-offs and the reclining was restricted, which was problematic for babies. We also thought the handlebar was difficult to adjust; we had to press the buttons fairly hard to get it to come loose, and then we had to push pretty hard to move it back or forth (that was one of the most frustrating aspects of this seat).

    The weight range isn’t tremendous, though, with 5 to 30 pounds supported. In terms of weight, it seemed a little heavier than the majority of the other selections on our list. Finally, the crotch buckle proved to be really difficult to work out and problematic at times. We eventually found out how to do it with one hand after a few tries, which was amazing, but it took a long time to perfect.


    This is the most affordable baby car seat on our list! This car seat, which costs around $60, has several amazing features but also some significant drawbacks. Let’s begin with the good news. The Nurture has an excellent safety record, and it comes with a 5-point harness with three shoulder height adjustments and two crotch position adjustments (both with re-threading). The cushion was soft and breathable, and it could be washed in the washing machine (and we thought it was pretty easy to get on and off).

    Furthermore, we were pleasantly pleased by how light it was (around 6 pounds) but nevertheless felt solid and well-made. After a few minutes of struggling with the vehicle’s belt, we were able to obtain a respectable setup. There are no further benefits. The canopy is tiny, there is no infant insert, and shoulder strap adjustment is difficult. There is no LATCH mechanism, and connecting to the base was not as simple as it was with the other items on this list.

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    Weight range

    Finally, it has a fairly narrow weight range, accommodating newborns weighing between 5 and 22 pounds. Choosing whether to put the car seat in this position or the last position was a difficult decision. However, considering the car seat’s modest price, it’s a fantastic choice for people on a tight budget who want a safe and responsible car seat with no frills.

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    How do you select cheap car seats for your newborns?

    Many of us have a question arouse when we want to buy a car seat. How do you select cheap car seats for newborns? So, all of the car seats on this list, as well as all of the car seats sold lawfully in the United States, meet the same government (NHTSA) safety criteria. Some include additional safety measures. Recognizing that the most critical safety aspect of all is correct installation, our top-rated snugride snug lock car seat comes with an excellent belt lock-off base that makes installation simple and successful.

    To guarantee that the car seat is safe, never borrow or buy a secondhand car seat. Unless you are positive it has not been in an accident and is not nearing its expiration date. Once you’ve decided on a car seat, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for setup. Also installation methods (seat belt or LATCH), and reclining.

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